2021 – 2022 Academic Year

As a standard term credit hour school, WBS’s Academic Year is defined as a
minimum of 42 weeks of instructional time. For purposes of this definition, a
“week” is considered a consecutive seven-day period, from Thursday to
Thursday, and a “week of instructional time” is any week in which the
student must develop some activities at the studio platform such a study,
participation at forum classes, complete self evaluation and management
practitioner questions, reading the conclusions of the class or work in the
Final Postgraduate Project.

Program Name




Spring Term

Summer term

Fall term

Registration 2021/22 Begin

Thursday October 29, 2020

Thursday March 4, 2021

Thursday June 24, 2021

Activation of Registration for Returning Students and New Student Registration Deadline

Wednesday November 03, 2021

Wednesday March 09, 2022

Wednesday June 29, 2022

Orientation Begin

Thursday November 04, 2021

Thursday March 10, 2022

Thursday June 30, 2022

Class Begin

Thursday January 13, 2022

Thursday May 05, 2022

Thursday September 08, 2022

Drop / Add Deadline

Wednesday January 19, 2022

Wednesday May 11, 2022

Wednesday September 14, 2022

Registration 2022/23 Begin

Thursday November 04, 2021

Thursday March 10, 2022

Thursday June 30, 2022

Start of second term

Thursday March 10, 2022

Thursday June 30, 2022

Thursday November 03, 2022

Diploma issuing date for graduates

Friday April 01, 2022

Friday July 29, 2022

Friday October 27, 2021

All deadlines finish by 5pm EST of the established date.

2021 – 2022 Holiday Calendar

The development of courses through the Online Learning Platform allows
WBS students to enjoy uninterrupted access to the active courses and
learning materials.
During Holidays, access to WBS Facilities in Florida and contact with Main
Campus staff is discontinued. Florida Main Campus will be closed during the
following Holiday Calendar:
Veterans Day, Thursday, November 11, 2021
Thanksgiving Holiday, Thursday and Friday, November 25 and November 26,
Christmas Day, Friday, December 24, and Saturday, December 25, 2021
New Year’s Day, Friday, December 31, 2021 and Saturday, January 1, 2022
New Year’s Day, Saturday, January 1, 2022
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 17, 2022
Presidents’ Day, Monday, February 21, 2022
Memorial Day, Monday, May 30, 2022
Juneteenth, Sunday, June 19, 2022. Monday, June 20 2022 (observed)
Independence Day, Monday, July 4, 2022
Labor Day, Monday, September 5, 2022
Columbus Day, Monday, October 10, 2021
Veterans Day, Friday, November 11, 2022
Thanksgiving Holiday, Thursday and Friday, November 24 and November 25,
Christmas Day, Saturday, December 24, and Sunday, December 25, 2022.
Monday, December 26 2022 (observed).
New Year’s Day, Saturday, December 31, 2022 and Sunday, January 1, 2023.
Monday, January 2 2023 (observed).
Note: If the actual holiday falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday is observed
as a holiday.
When a holiday falls on Sunday, the following Monday is observed as a

Hardware / Software Equipment and Supply Requirements for Students

WBS learning platform is designed to work with any web browser and an Internet
connection. There are no special requirements regarding operating systems or
connection speed to access the school’s courses, though compatibility with Adobe
Flash may be necessary to access some of the course materials. Also the materials
and activities which are delivered through Cisco Webex or Zoom may require the
installation of the appropriate plug-ins to access the content.

Refund Policy

Should a student´s enrollment be terminated or cancelled for any reason, all
refunds will be made according to the following refund schedule:

1. Cancellation can be made in person, by Certified Mail or by termination.

2. All monies will be refunded if the school does not accept the applicant or
if the student cancels within three (3) business days after payment of
Registration Fee. Business days are defined as Monday, 9am to Friday, 5pm,
3. Cancellation after the third (3rd) Business Day, but before the first class,
results in a refund of all monies paid, with the exception of the Registration
Fee of $150.00.
4. If a student withdraws prior to completion of the first week (Drop/Add
Week) of the semester, the institution will refund 100% of the tuition for
the semester.
5. After the start of each semester, once the Drop/Add Week is over, there
will be no tuition adjustment for the reduction in class hours.


Before the completion of the Drop/Add week

100 % of the semester tuition paid

After the Drop/Add week

0% of the semester tuition paid

6. Termination Date: In calculating the refund due to a student, the last
date of actual attendance by the student is used in the calculation unless
earlier written notice is received.
7. Refunds will be made within 30 days of termination of student’s
enrollment or receipt of Cancellation Notice from student.
8. A student’s enrollment can be terminated at the discretion of the
governing board of the School for insufficient academic progress,
non-payment of academic costs, or failure to comply with rules.
In the following exceptional circumstances, a refund up to the total tuition
and registration fees paid will be made upon presentation of the proper
• Program is cancelled by the School;
• The student is involuntary called to military duty. Copy of orders required.
• The documented death of the student or member of his or her immediate
family; parent, spouse, child or sibling
• Exceptional circumstances with approval of the President of the School or
official designee.

Transferability of Credits

The acceptance of the transfer of credits from Westfield Business School is
up to the institution receiving the credits. Students who plan to transfer
credits earned at WESTFIELD to another school should contact the institution
to which the student seeks transfer before enrolling in order to determine if
credits will be accepted. The granting of transfer credit is within the sole
discretion of the receiving institution.

It is the policy of this institution to accept transfer credits for up to 6
semester credit hours from any program. Students must submit official
transcripts for work completed at another institution in order for the credit to
be considered for transfer. Credit transfer from other institutions is reserved
to those students who have successfully completed courses that are
comparable in content, quality and scope to those offered at WBS. WBS
accepts transfer of credit only from courses whose course descriptions are
equivalent to WBS’s course descriptions. The minimum grade for a course to
be accepted for Transfer Credits should be B.

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