Grievance Policy

It is important to the operation of the Business School and to the success of the students Attending, that students’ concerns or complaints (unrelated to appealing academic decisions addressed elsewhere in the catalog or disciplinary action as provided for directly above) be resolved quickly and fairly.

The student should contact their personal Student services representative, who will seek to provide the guidance necessary to resolve the issue. If necessary, the Student services representative will contact the faculty member with which the concern or complaint is related.

If a satisfactory solution is not reached in this manner, the student may put the complaint in a written form and request that his or her concern be reviewed by the Academic Committee. The Academic Committee will then confer with the appropriate personnel and render a decision on a resolution of the matter.

If a student’s complaint or grievance is not resolved by the persons designated above, a student may choose to seek a resolution by bringing it to the attention of the Commission for Independent Education,

325 West Gaines Street,
Suite 1414, Tallahassee,
Florida 32399-0400 Toll-Free Phone: 888-224-6684

For non-Florida residents who have completed the institutional and state grievance process may appeal non-academic complaints to the FL-SARA State Portal Entity Contact, at [email protected] For additional information please see

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